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Saved My Life

When I first visited Dr. Roney the first part of May of 2013 I felt like I would not be in this world much longer. I had tachycardia and irregular heart beat, shortness of breath doing light housework, very dizzy, brain fog to the point I felt like I was getting dementia, heartburn, even throwing up because certain foods would get "stuck" on the way down nearly every day, and completely exhausted no matter how much sleep I got, though insomnia was also a problem. My fasting blood sugar was always running between 105 and 109. I ached all over, ... read more

Dr. Is Wonderful And So Is The Staff

I came to Dr. Roney after suffering for two years with different symptoms. I kept going back to my primary doctor and she kept sending me to different specialists and run all kinds of test and they could not find anything wrong with me. It was finally after a thyroid test showed that I had thyroid problem. I was told that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life and nothing else. I didn't really understand why after some many times they had done blood test, no one had ever found out that there was ... read more

Finally Enjoying Life

After having what i thought was just Fibromyalgia over 18yrs ended up being a multitude of auto immune issues. After always being pushed on crazy medication i chose to just put up with the pain & fatigue instead of being constantly medicated. i could never enjoy my life because pain & fatigue was a daily obstacle. i found Dr. Roney & i am finally able to enjoy each day. He really knows his stuff & really listens. Making sure not to leave no stone unturned slowly i am now feeling physically like the young vibrant person I am on the ... read more


It Works!

by: Keren C. on 04/22/2013
Dr. Roney’s treatment protocol for inflammatory and autoimmune disorders is very effective! I have experienced pain reduction and increased energy as a result. Dr. Roney is very more »

Highly Recommended, Best Doctor/Patient Experience Ever!

by: Laureen B. on 04/19/2013
Dr. Roney has pretty much saved my life. I was caught in a downward spiral due to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr . Roney systematically healed my more »

Good Doctor!

by: Albis M. on 04/11/2013
I like Dr. Roney a lot, he is very friendly and knowledgeable. Steve is very helpful as well. It is easy to get appointments here which I more »