Why My Doctor Doesn’t Know This

Another question I am asked is “Why doesn’t my doctor know this”? This answer is a bit complicated. Many times, conventional medicine will diagnose a problem and work to restore balance with medications. This, at times, may be effective. When it comes to the thyroid, current data suggest strongly that the thyroid, in todays world, is malfunctioning secondary to other issues in the body. If the doctor does not understand this and doesn’t look for these “other causes”, you may continue to suffer. Needless to say, science and understanding has evolved tremendously yet treatment may not have. As you may or may not know, the most common thyroid markers ordered by most healthcare practitioners are TSH and T4. In order to truly identify the cause of your thyroid malfunction, at least SEVEN other thyroid markers MUST be tested. So please read the next line and see if this applies to you…You are taking thyroid medication but still have symptoms and really can’t tell if the medication is doing much at all…If this is you, you need help quickly!

Don’t go on feeling frustrated, we will listen to your concerns and chart a course to get you back on track. Comprehensive blood work to identify the true cause of your thyroid problem and a functional neurological analysis will help us determine the shortest path to getting you better.

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