Awesome Doctor!

by: Marta G. on 04/08/2013

What a blessing it has been to find a doctor like Dr. Roney. He has helped me and my daughters with health issues that have plagued us for years in ways that no other doctor has been able to. I am full of energy, am no longer tired and am breezing through menopause like no body’s business:) Dr. Roney has educated me on the vital importance of metabolic health and healthy eating and what a difference it has made! I also have a new back as the decompression therapy has relieved my back problems tremendously. Thank you Dr. Roney!


Saved My Life

by: Gerry B. on 02/21/2014
When I first visited Dr. Roney the first part of May of 2013 I felt like I would not be in this world much longer. I had more »

Highly Recommended

by: Holly W. on 04/11/2013
The staff is wonderful, accommodating, and very pleasant. Dr. Roney is awesome. With my complicated case he has known how to treat me gently, kindly, and with more »

Better Than The Rest

by: Rick B. on 05/14/2013
To best sum up my experience at Advanced Chiropractic, I have to explain my condition first. I had a stroke which caused problems associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. more »