Better Than The Rest

by: Rick B. on 05/14/2013

To best sum up my experience at Advanced Chiropractic, I have to explain my condition first. I had a stroke which caused problems associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. The bottom of my feet had no feeling at all, legs were not functioning properly as well. The Doctor’s that were treating at the time (4 of them to be exact) said there was no cure. They were wrong, as my treatment at Dr. Roney’s clinic has proved. The therapy and program has brought life and feeling back to my lower body and I am on my way to a full recovery. A great office staff that is there to help in your recovery. SO THANK YOU DR.RONEY AND STAFF YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE REST.


You Can’t Beat Good Pain Relief

by: Cheryl T. on 05/01/2013
I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Roney as my chiropractor for 4 years now. During that time, I have been impressed with his dedication to more »


by: Carol R. on 04/18/2013
I’ve been seeing Dr. Roney since he started in CA & I’ve been happy with the chiropractic treatment, as well the physical therapy treatment from Steve. Dr. more »

Life Saver!

by: Yolanda R. on 04/08/2013
From the time I started my program in June of 2012 to now, I feel 100% better! The care Ive received has been excellent. I would recommend more »