Dr. Is Wonderful And So Is The Staff

by: Francia N. on 02/17/2014

I came to Dr. Roney after suffering for two years with different symptoms. I kept going back to my primary doctor and she kept sending me to different specialists and run all kinds of test and they could not find anything wrong with me. It was finally after a thyroid test showed that I had thyroid problem. I was told that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life and nothing else. I didn’t really understand why after some many times they had done blood test, no one had ever found out that there was problems with my thyroid. I had lost faith in doctors and decided to start doing my own research. This is when I came across Dr. Roney website and was able to learn more about what my problem. Dr. Roney has been amazing, I’ve learned a lot about what my problem is and how to keep myself healthy.


Good Doctor!

by: Albis M. on 04/11/2013
I like Dr. Roney a lot, he is very friendly and knowledgeable. Steve is very helpful as well. It is easy to get appointments here which I like....read more »

One In A Million

by: Emma Gracie L. on 06/14/2013
I only wish every person who is feeling awful and has begun to lose hope that anyone can REALLY help them would give me 5 minutes to tell...read more »

Great Results!

by: Lidia A. on 02/10/2014
I came to Dr. Roney after finding his website. I was desperate because had been seeing and Endocrinologist for the past 4 years and even though they said...read more »