Hope For Quality of Life

by: Linda H. on 07/11/2014

It was a happenstance that I figured out the chiropractor I was getting the newsletter via e-mail on neuropathy was basically down the freeway from me and he dealt with people who have fibromyalgia which is my main health concern. I was so weak and my quality of life was pretty pathetic for someone in their early 60s. It has been wonderful to deal with this condition to healthily overcome the obstacles with neutracueticals. Dr. Roney had saliva tests run which revealed I had adrendal gland exhaustion, and now that 8 months have passed I think I had that problem for a few years. Now I am feeling more alive and there is hope to not sleep life away. By no means is this a quick fix for me as I have had several autoimmune problems for the past 20 years. Dealing with the leaky gut syndrome and perpetual constipation has been a great relief. Dr. Roney individualizes each program per patient, and methodically handles health issue by health issue. It is a very different approach whereas medicines can basically put a bandage on the problem temporarily, this is healing the body so a person can learn how to care for oneself in a proactive manner. The staff support is wonderful at Advanced Chiropractic, Dr. Roney is accessible to patients and keeps close tabs on progress. I am now optimistic that my quality of life will continue to improve as I get stronger. I feel I have the support I need to succeed, because alone I would not have figured this all out. I highly recommend Dr. Roney as he is working with cutting edge information on healing the body to health for quite a few conditions that folks suffer with.


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