by: Lori M. on 06/20/2013

I came to Dr. Roney after finding his website. I went through the videos about misdiagnosed thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (Auto Immune disease). The videos were invaluable. I had previously been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I wanted to learn more before going on thyroid medication (which my doctors insisted upon). My symptoms were mostly related to fatigue. I was hopeful I could feel better without medications. I had a consultation with Dr. Roney. I admit I was skeptical at first but my health was at stake. Dr. Roney exceeded my expectations. He helped me get on the right track through research, his knowledge, experience and passion. I am rarely fatigued, healthier then I’ve ever been and not on thyroid medication. Change is often a challenge. Dr. Roney gave me the tools and education I needed to keep my Hashimoto’s manageable. What I love is everyone in the office seems to practice what they preach! Please check out his website! I would definitely recommend Dr. Roney and his friendly, helpful staff!


Dr. Roney Cares

by: Sam C. on 06/11/2013
Dr. Roney cares about helping people seek the cause of their symptoms and then helps them to work toward healing the cause. He is kind and understands more »

One In A Million

by: Emma Gracie L. on 06/14/2013
I only wish every person who is feeling awful and has begun to lose hope that anyone can REALLY help them would give me 5 minutes to more »

Finally The Solutions Is Not Just More Drugs

by: Robert Z. on 04/23/2013
I’ve been a patient of Dr Roney since July of 2011, starting with twice a week treatments, and now I’m down to just once, every three weeks. more »