Saved My Life

by: Gerry B. on 02/21/2014

When I first visited Dr. Roney the first part of May of 2013 I felt like I would not be in this world much longer. I had tachycardia and irregular heart beat, shortness of breath doing light housework, very dizzy, brain fog to the point I felt like I was getting dementia, heartburn, even throwing up because certain foods would get “stuck” on the way down nearly every day, and completely exhausted no matter how much sleep I got, though insomnia was also a problem. My fasting blood sugar was always running between 105 and 109. I ached all over, especially at night to the point it was difficult to sleep. I had tried to loose weight counting calories, using the Curves method, Nutrisytem, and Medifast. The most I could loose was maybe six pounds which I easily gained back. I had gone to 3 different primary doctors over two and half years who all prescribed the same medications which only made matters worse. The last one threw up his hands and said, “I don’t know what else to do for you.” I felt so awful that day I could hardly get myself out of his office and out to the car. I was on the internet when I found Dr. Roney soon after that. He said he practice functional medicine, a term I had picked up from watching the Dr. Oz shows. That caught my attention. Dr. Roney did a thorough questionnaire and through his patient guidance and following his program and taking the supplements he prescribed I now have, nine months later, no more brain fog, much more energy and actually getting some things done these days, sleeping ever so much better. My fasting blood sugar has been 89 the last two times I have been in to see the doctor. My good cholesterol has risen and the bad cholesterol has dropped. And the anemia is under control. As long as I take the anti-inflammatory supplements I don’t ache at night which helps me to sleep without taking ibuprofen every night. I’m off the Prilosec and only take an antacid like Tums when I am out and don’t eat right, rarely having trouble getting the food down these days. I’m off blood pressure meds and the heart meds as I don’t get the tachycardia anymore. Once in awhile I still get the irregular heartbeat to the point I have symptoms but not severe like it was. I even lost weight even though Dr. Roney said this is not a weight loss program. I feel like I am going to stick around for awhile longer in this thing called life since Dr. Roney helped me improve the quality of my life. He knows his stuff and is very compassionate, encouraging, and passionate about helping others find better health. His staff is so great, too, and works with him, making a great team. I highly recommend this team if a person is having chronic health issues. I don’t know of any place else one can get such life changing help. When he says he practices functional medicine it is so true. He treats the body as a whole and uses food as medicine adding in supplements where needed. Thanks you, Dr. Roney for saving my life!


Great Results!

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One Of A Kind

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Awesome Doctor!

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